Fender American Series Fat Telecaster Reviews 5

US $940 Purchased from:Bailey Brothers Music, Montgomery Alabama

Sound: 05, on a sacle of 01-05 - This guitar is amazing! I play blues (...mostly on the jazzy side of the tone chart, but like it dirty too every so often). This guitar sounds like whatever you need (very versatile); the tonal quality can be sharp as a razor or full and warm and fuzzy... I play it through a Peavy Envoy 110 25W amp at home (didn't know the amp could sound so good). Just got the guitar, so I'm still tweaking the amp... so far, I'm using 7.0 on bass, 5.0 on treble and 7.0 on mid tone controls on the amp. By the way, the tone control on the guitar is wonderful... no-load, so you don't have to sacrifice your sound to deepen the tone. I love it!

What don't I like? That I don't have a fleet of American Series Teles!

Features: 05; on a sacal of 01-05... - 2000 model - Paid $940 (ordered from the Fender factory by Bailey Brother's Music, Montgomery, AL) - Flawless brown sunburst telecaster single-cutaway body - DH1 Humbucker (with coil tapping) in the neck and Tele single-coil in the bridge - one volume, one tone, 5-position super switching - hardshell case, strap locks, strap, cord... Exactly what I wanted in an electric guitar, so I'm rating it a five(yes, I understand that other models may have more features, but since I'm the customer in this case, I'm right!) Action, Fit, & Finish: 05 - Perfect set-up by Bailey's; they also changed the strings to 10s for me and made proper adjustments... plays like a dream! - Amazing neck... best playing guitar I ever held! - Finish - beautiful! Glossy! Sexy! - Very cool white pearliod pick guard - Hardware is stainless, I think - like a mirror! Nothing loose or mis aligned; perfect Reliability/Durability: 05 - Its a telecaster! It will take a major beating and become a collector's piece in the bargin! Fender Customer Support: 05 - They sent me exactly what I asked for; tracked its travel from California.

Overall Rating: 05 Been playing just 2-years... amature enthusiast, you might say. Love the look, the tone, the feel of this guitar. I would replace it instantly if stolen (very unlikely it will be, since I play at home...). You get your money's worth with this. I have an extensive background in quality, and the folks at Fender (and Bailey's for that matter) got it right. I wish I had about 3 or four American Series Teles ('52 Reissue, Telesonic, 90s Thinline come to mind) just because these instruments are so great! Get a Fat Tele for maximum quality, value and versatility.

John Kmiec rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-26.

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