Fender American Stratocaster Special Edition Reviews 5

I bought this at a local guitar store called Guitars ETC... its a really cool store. I had seen it there but never played it, but when i did i was in for a big treat. This is definitley on of the best guitars i've ever played. The neck is made of a special wood that feels awesome and the fretboard is rosewood but it has a great smoothe feeling to it. I bought at 800$ and it is one of the best buys i have ever made with guitars. It stays in tune extremely well and holds up very well. I absolutley love the guitar!

Everything about it is sweet. The woos the guitar is made of (on all parts) is the smoothest and best wood ive ever played. The whole body holds up well and like i said it stays in tune for an amazing amount of time even though it doesnt have a locking nut. It is just flat out an awesome guitar.

I didnt but it sooner.

It has seymoure duncan pickups with greats sound, rose wood fretboard which is the smoothest ive ever played, and the neck is the greatest wood ever! It holds up forever and is just my favorite guitar in the world!!!

Even though they are hard to find if u ever see one try it out immediately!

James Rosenthal rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-13.

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