Fender Big Apple Strat Reviews 5

Paid $ 800.00 at Willcutt Guitar Shop, Lexington, KY. I wanted the feel of a Strat but many more tonal possibilities (not a big single coil fan).

I like the comfort and playability of a Strat. It also allow you HUGE HUMBUCKING SOUND. There are also coil taps to enable classic Strat tones if needed (why)?

I have absolutely no dislike with this guitar. It is the Holy Grail.

USA Made. Hard-tail. Solid back. Built like a Hummer H2!

Probably not the flashiest guitar around, but for playability and tonal pallette, this is my favorite guitar. I am 40 years old and to date have owned 67 guitars, all makes and models.

ParisBlueDoberman rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-10.

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