Fender Deluxe Fat Strat Special Reviews 5

I have a week spot, a good deal and red Fenders.

Its happened to the best of us, you go into your local music shop for a pack of strings and there it is! Your local guitar salesman is slicker than a drug dealer; go ahead just try it he says, just try it. Next thing you know you're pulling a guitar case out of your trunk going 'What'd I just do?' I bought it used for $200, the store though it was a modded out frankenstein, but after some research found out it's a bone stock Deluxe Fat Strat Special.

The finish it was sold me; Crimsonburst. I have yet to see another Fender finished in that shade. It's a medium red, not maroon with visible wood grain in it. Beauty. The humbucker in the bridge (it has singles in the neck and middle position) is extra hot and has a factory coil tap. The coil tap replaces where a bridge tone pot would normally go.

Nothing, plays and sounds like a dream!

Alder body. Kluson vintage tuners, Tex Mex pickups 22 frets. The neck fits like a glove. Not overly glossy, yet not satin.

Fender didn't make too many of these, thought I'd post my thoughts on it in case someone else out there is on the hunt.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-09-26.

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