Fender Deluxe Power House Stratocaster Reviews 4

I acquired this stratocaster through Musician's Friend because I needed a mid-priced guitar I could play out with. I paid somewhere between 400 and 500 dollars but the price has since gone up to a little over 500 dollars.

It has a 12 decibal active mid-boost that really gives the guitar a little more punch and versitality. It is a "deluxe" model, so it has a better nut, pearloid pickguard, and though made in Mexico, it has American Standard pickups which was important to me.

It has vintage style tuners which look really cool, but are more difficult to string than any other tuners I've used.

The quality of this guitar is really up there. It's a mid-priced guitar, but I've played out with it often, and it never lets me down. I put it's value (in my arsenal) up there with my Gibson Les Paul Studio. It's neck surprisingly doesn't get terribly out of whack during seasonal changes, which is unusual for a bolt on neck guitar of that price range.

The bottom line is...this is a great axe for a moderate price. It is very versatile due to the fact that it's a strat, and because of its midboost. It is a Mexican made guitar but with American Pickups, and it sounds great. The neck feels good, and it's lightweight design feels good even when strapped on for a long time.

Zach Trimble rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-24.

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