Fender Double Fat Tele Deluxe Reviews 3

I purchased this guitar from a local independent music shop in my home town. I bought this guitar based on features and price. I believed that a solid mahogany body with mahogany set neck for $299.00 was a good deal.

I like the solid mahogany wood for the body and neck. I like the carved top without a pickguard. I also like the fact that the guitar is routed for two humbucking pickups and has a through the body tring path with a hard tail tuneable bridge.

The fact that it proudly declares "Squire" in a gold logo on the headstock. Just kidding, the brand name doesn't bother me if I feel that there are features that are worth having.

The neck to body joint is flawless to my eyes. I can't see where it joins. Could be due to the heavy sparkle coating that is on this guitar. There is not a hint of glue overrun. Naturally, the machine heads MUST be replaced. It also has a plastic nut that should be changed with bone (IMHO). The set up on this guitar would almost cause one to think that it was set up as far out as possible. To pick this guitar up in the store would almost make you put it right back. It was that bad! But I knew with a little TLC this guitar had real potential.

Great wood, construction and styling. I bought this guitar knowing full well in advance that I would replace the tuners with "Sperzel" tuners, cut a custom bone nut for my string gauge and action height. I also replaced the pickups with "Seymour Duncan" pickups, a Jazz in the Neck and a JB in the bridge. Wow, what a player! Great intonation all the way down the neck. Dense mahogany and set neck really sings! I always change tuners, pickups and set my guitars to play the way I like it so I have no problems doing this for the Squire. I feel I got a good foundation to build upon so I did!

bluejaz rated this unit 3 on 2001-11-27.

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