Fender Fat Strat - Mexican Reviews 5

I got this strat off of ebay for a bargain of $186! It even came with an skb case! It was an amazing deal!

I love the headstock on fenders. They look so unique. My strat has a great tone and it's pretty easy to move around the fretboard. It is really nice to have such a versatile guitar. I use the 5-way selector switch all the time! I really like the humbucker on it and I'm so glad that i got the fat strat instead of the standard.

Well, I really can't find much to say that I don't like about it! I play it all the time and I'm always satisfied. If I had say though, I would probably just get rid of the middle pick-up. Of the three, it is the one that I don't really use very often. It just doesn't sound as good as the other two. Maybe someday I'll replace it with something else but for now the other two pick-ups will be enough. I have no complaints about the other two pick-ups. They are great!

The quality... It's amazing! There is a small ding near the neck in mine but it was like that when I got it since it came off of ebay. However, it hasn't affected the tone at all. The selector switch is in perfect condition as are the tone and volume knobs. Fender is excellent! They know what they're doing!

Overall, I love my guitar! I have no complaints. I wouldn't trade it even for a gibson! My fat strat has a great tone all over the fretboard but I especially love the higher range and the lower notes. I've also got a distortion pedal and it makes the coolest sounds with my guitar! If you're debating between a Standard Strat and a Fat Strat, i would say, go with the fat strat. It's a wonderful guitar!

Sonja rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-31.

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