Fender Fat Telecaster (MIM) Reviews 5

After having kicked myself for trading a 1991 Telecaster, I came a across a 1995 model at a local music store. Quite frankly I was apprehensive since it is not one of the coveted USA or Custom Shop models. But I was determined to have a Tele. After plugging into my Vox amp, its shine came through.

The feel and tone of this guitar is exceptional. I already own 2 USA Strats,a G&L Legacy, and 2 Gibson LP's which cost me a small fortune (just love guitars). The Fat Tele with the neck Humbucker sounds as good as this other instruments with a luster all its own. It is a versatile guitar. I play Blues, Soft Rock, Latin Rock and smooth jazz. Mine is a translucent ivory with maple neck. Classy and beautiful.

Nothing not to like except that you cannot find them in stores and fender only sells them in the USA and Custom Shop models at an obsence price.

The overall construction if very good. The see through ivory finish is beautiful but needs to treated with TLC to avoid scuffing and dinging. Neck is typical standard maple. Very comfortable. Hardware is stock and could probably be upgraded to improve the quality but I do not like to mess with my guitars. I like them the way the manufacturer meant them to be.

I just got lucky on this one. Sometimes you eat the bear.

Rockin Lee rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-20.

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