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Mine is a 2001. My wife decided to go back to school full time so I don't have to tell you money is a bit short. I'm a hack when it comes to talent so it was difficult to justify tying up so much money in a Les Paul Standard. So I decided to "downgrade" . I decided not to go too cheap because I knew in a year I'd be back at the guitar store. I had put a nice used Ritchie Blackmore Strat on layaway until I could sell my Paul. In the meantime I had noticed a Texas Special discounted $350. $1099 Canadian from $1450. I had to try it out. The reason for the discount? Discontinued Color Not the prettiest pale metalic Blue.But what a neck and the frets are big like the Paul (almost).

The neck wins hands down. Fret finish is smoooth. Texas Specials give me a bit more mid and bottom end. I miss that Paul Growl.

I wish it was the Fat Strat version. That can be fixed for a lot less than the $350 though. The difference I'd of had to pay for the Fat version. I already have a slightly used Fat pickguard from EBAY for $9.U.S. .A good Idea to keep all origional parts for future resale value though.

Fit and finish blows away my Paul Standard. The Paul had paint drips, finish wore off hardware in the case, and paint was as soft as a baby's bottom. For half the money the Strat really is the better Value. The 1 thing I would knock is the PU switch makes a small amount of noise going from bridge to bridge and middle. The Paul was absolutely silent when switching. I never use bridge alone now anyway. I will when I put in a Hum. in there though. Guess I'll have to address that issue soon.

I have small hands so in the end I have an easier to play Axe, built at least as well and for $650. less than I sold my used Les Paul for. My first guitar was a Mexican Standard a couple of years ago. Not a bad Axe for the money but the frets and electronics are much better on the T.S. With the Mexi. I seemed to always get stuck on lower frets when bending. This fretboard is a bit wider(1 of the reasons I went to a Gibby in the first place!), but still easy to play with smaller hands. A guitar is an investment so it's worth spending a a bit more for good Quality. This guitar is easier to play than a squier or mexican. So if you can afford it I'd recomend it for an older beginner or teen as long as you're fingers arn't too short. There are other good "Bang For The Buck Guitars out there so look at the new Highway series and the Godin line. These are others I that give top Quality for moderate money.

edrw rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-17.

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