Fender Japanese Contemporary Strat Reviews 4

I got this guitar from Hollywood Guitar Center in 1984 for $300.I'd always wanted a strat with a Floyd on it but this one had Fender's version of a Floyd (called "system 1")with their name engraved in it...way cool!

Aside from the cool looks, this animal is extra easy & comfy to play. Once I got the trem unit "dialed in" & locked,it stayed in tune no matter how far I dive bombed or puled sharp!! I intentionally try to pull it out of tune...it ain't gonna hapen!!!

The pick ups!! Weak! Poles aren't even staggered (instantly a sign of a weak single coil!)I donated them to science (how fast will they bio-degrade at the local dump!)I put in a set of Carvin S-60's & I've been grinnin' ever since! I wanted Gold lace sensors but my wallet & wife said it ain't in the budget!! 1 other thing, the nut lock sucks! I ended up swaping it out for a Fender fine tuning nut lock. It would take too many words to describe it...lets just say it was a cool addition.

Just like all MIJ strats, this thing is solid! A little heavier than most but I think that may be from all the chunky hardware that I've had 24k gold plated. It's even got the cool "micro tilt" thing goin' on!

Aside from the pick up issue, this is an A-1 axe! I'm lookin' for any & all I can find... Don't tell the Mrs.!!!

Jay "strat boy" Smith rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-14.

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