Fender Jazzmaster CIJ Reviews 5

I got this guitar at a guitarshop in Sweden called JAM, I highly recommend them, so if your ever in Stockholm looking for a guitar, go to JAM :P I paid about 9000 SEK for it which would be around 1200$. A price well worth it.

It looks and feels like a Vintage Jazzmaster, it plays just great, never played a guitar quite like it, well of course a vintage Jazzmaster or Strat would beat it, but when it comes to reissue guitars, clearly one of the best. I love the long neck, makes the guitar easier to play, your fingers don't feel cramped when you play. And the tone, although not perfect, it has a very wide range, from bass like lows to ear piersing highs. And with the right amout of dist. it's sounds like out of this world. And man! It stays in tune for days, I have to retune it maximum once a week and then its only minor adjustments. Amazing.

Well only two things, number one, then pickups, they sound great, but its not really the authentic Jazzmaster sounds. Its to thin. All CIJ Jazzmasters have this porblem since the Japanese changed the specs of the pickups making them more strat like. Replace them with Seymour Duncan SMJ-1s and your set. The other thing is that one of the frets, the 18th on the thin E string is not sanded properly, that note is a little bit "buzzy". But its easily fixed. Otherwise, no complaints .

Very nicely done. The finish stays on, it doesnt go out of tune, it doesnt fall apart mysteriously like some other guitars I've had. A+ Fender.

Well, if your into my kind of music, get one of these babies, and if you wanna stick out a little, get one. It's not a guitar you see everyday and it catches peoples eyes. If stolen, I would defenetly get another one.

Erik W rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-23.

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