Fender Jimmy Vaughn Stratocaster Reviews 4

I bought the guitar Valentines day '00

I like the neck, it gives you easy access to the higher frets. The neck is also comfortable while playing cords for a long period of time. The pickups on this thing are HOT! They are texas special's and are the best sounding pickups I have heard. If you are looking for a twangy or a deep blues tone, this guitar has it all. Another feature found on this guitar that is not found on most other strats is that the guitar comes with straplocks, so when you are playing on stage your strap doesnt fall off.

the only thig I dont like about this instrument is the "classic" tuning keys. The keys make string changing a lot harder than it already is.

The guitar is a poplar mexican :( strat. It has 3 single coils, and a later 50's neck. everything on it is classic. The quality is great, not a thing wrong with the guitar after half a year. It seems like it is almost "Ding proof."

This is a great guitar, especially for the price. If you are into the blues, and on a short budget, this guitar is for you. You would never know this strat was mexican, bottomline this guitar rocks.

John Hendrix rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-24.

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