Fender MIM Standard Stratocaster Reviews 5

Bought it in a local pawn shop, tax and all, for $130. It was a "fixer upper" special, really. Yellowish or faded white paint job. Chips around the bouts. Previous owner had tried to hide with (!!!) flat latex paint!!! EEKS!! But it's a 21 fret, pau ferro or rosewood fretbd. Alder, light wt. body. Came with a pearloid pickgd. The pickups were crappy. Hopefully they weren't Fender stock pups. I had another p/g lying around, fitted for 2 singles and 1 humbucker. So, I grabbed some spare Select for EMG's I had, and fitted it all together. Now, sounds great!!! Std. Fender Bridge/fender saddles. Grover like tuning pegs with the Fender logo on 'em. Stripe down the back of the neck, Maple neck. Um, what else? Had to sand down certain areas of the body where the chips were; now, it has a "beater" look to it. Some have said this resembles SRV's strat, and how he "Played the Hell outta it" look. I basically sanded the gloss layer on the face/front of the body. Pure yellowish/off white paint there now. Some chips sanded to bare wood as well. Suits me; gives this Strat it's character. Ha!! I can always totally sand it down later, and repaint it should I choose to. But for now, it works. It plays extremely well, and that's all that matters. Likes it.

Playability. Also had to intonate the bridge. I've switched to, and this was one of the reasons I bought it besides the price, was the gauge of the strings fitted already for it. Previous guy used 11-52 on this. Perfect for me. So, no big deal, action great now. It's an actual Fender Strat!!

If there is anything I don't or didn't like, it was some of the work I put into it. But really, no big deal, since I mod all guitars I buy. No big whoop; in fact, overall, no complaints whatsoever.

Fender solidness. Not their fault someone mistreated this guitar. I fixed it to my liking, so it turned out good. Parts are easily replacable; so no problems there. Good overall.

I'm glad I have the oppurtunity to finally own a Fender Strat, something I always thought would be good, but never pursued. But this chance came to me, and I restrored a good guitar. So, things worked out, and now have a good Fender Strat!!! Recommend to all; that is, if you are prone to the Strat style guitar.

Jiver rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-29.

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