Fender Mark Knopler 1985 Strat Reviews 5

I had this Guitar since 1985, it was Custom made, has a Carvell by Jackson Midi Pickup installed, and a Custum Fender Thin Line Neck It Cost me $1500.00 for the Guitar and $2000.00 for Midi controller and Kork M1 Workstation. It was Purchased in Hamilton Ont. Canada at Regies Music.

My guitar Is a Joy to Play, I've had it since 1985, and I played a lot of Gigs with this Guitar. It's lighting fast, great Pickups with that special Vintage Sound.

The Plastic case suckes I'd rather have an original Fender hardshell case.

Great Quality a very special Instrument. Had to dress the frets once not bad for 20Yrs.

I've never been sorry in my purchase is and has been a joy to play I would recomend my Guitar to all.

Fredrick Charnock rated this unit 5 on 2005-06-20.

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