Fender Mexican Deluxe Fat Strat with Floyd Rose Reviews 4

Long history, ripping self-taught and later formally taught rock & classical guitarist and pianist.

Got it from esoundinvestments.com for $450.

I like it even more now that I have replaced the not-so-great Mexican Floyd Rose bridge with an "echt" Schaller Floyd Rose bridge. It is great. I have the bridge screwed down into the guitar as far as it will go, i.e, the action is as low as one can get on a Strat with a Floyd Rose; the sustain is great, seems better with the German Floyd. Love it. Might not do anything more. Other Strat: 2004 American Standard w/ rosewood fingerboard. Acoustics: Wechter Pathmaker "the 27th One" and Alvarez-Yairi nylon string CY-116.

Nothing now. Love it. Love it. It, my 2004 American Standard Strat with rosewood fingerboard and the PODxt I play them through "fulfill all my Strat needs." If only fulfilling one's sexual needs were this easy! Don't let anyone tell you that you should make intonation adjustments to the Floyd's bridge saddles with the locking nut unlocked. When you lock the nut down, the intonation will change, so adjust it so that when the nut is locked (as it usually is), your intonation is correct. It is a pain, but worth it once it is done.

As good as it needs to be. I have owned many 70's Strats in my life, and this Mexican one is as good as any 70's model I ever had. The materials and craftsmanship are not quite so fancy and perfect as the American Standard Strat is, but as a functional guitar, it is great. Very dense, heavy body, I figure probably made out of ash. This and the Floyd bridge give it lots of sustain.

Almost as good as having sex with...well it is a really great guitar!

Andrew Bulgin rated this unit 4 on 2008-10-17.

I bought this instrument on Ebay from esoundinvestments.com for $450 plus S&H. It had the features I wanted and a price I could handle.

I like just about everything about it. In general it would seem to be an excellent guitar for the money.

I play D'Addario XL's at standard pitch on this guitar. I have the Floyd Rose adjusted so you can't pull back on it. There was no room for loosening the truss rod (turning the adjustment screw counterclockwise) to introduce a bit more bow in the neck. It is already slack. It has some bow in the proper direction already, but there should be more flexibility of adjustment.

Otherwise, this is an excellent guitar for the money.

Overall, I give it a very good review.

Andrew Bulgin rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-27.

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