Fender Mexican Fat Strat Reviews 5

I got this guitar from Merchant City Music in Glasgow(Scotland) for 350 new. The guys in the shop were really helpful too, and apart from a slight delay in their stock delivery(which was only because of the time of year i.e. near the lead up to christmas), the service was very good.

Although the guitar is a Mexican build, it plays flawlessly. The neck has a good solid yet comfortable feel and the rosewood fingerboard on my model also plays well. The electronics are obviously not the best Fender have to offer but as it is a Mexican model and given the price, it is not really meant as stiff competition for their top of the range American instruments. On the whole however, the quality of sound from the pickups is excellent and retains the versatility that the Stratocaster is famous for, espescially with the bridge humbucker. Excellent brand, excellent guitar, excellent price.

I genuinely do not have any complaints about this guitar, and although it might not be an American Strat, it still is a Strat - and for a great price too.

The build quality on the guitar is as good as any American guitar i've ever seen and although some people will tell you the Mexican models are inferior, as far as the QUALITY goes, it's still a Fender. Sounds great, costs little and will last a lifetime. No complaints.

Think i've just about said it all - i cant stress enough however - if you are looking for a Fender that wont cost you an arm and a leg, then the Mexican instruments are for you. In the whole time i have had this instument i have had no complaints at all, and have been very pleased with this instrument.

Kangaroo rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-10.

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