Fender Mexican Made Stratocaster Reviews 5

I got an awesome BRAND new fender stratocaster in South California for a really low price. It was brand new and only cost 210. How could anyone resist!? I needed a good quality instrument and fender looked to be the one, an american one is too expensive so I decided to gert a mexican made one, Almost as good quality as the American but 1/2 the price!

It has soft edges on the neck, it can stand up to any damage, i dropped it on my floor once!! =( and it didnt have any dents or scratches, the quality is absolutely amazing on this, as good as the US made ones, i know because my best friend has one.

Only thing that i dont like is when i am strumming sometimes i knock the pickup selector to a different pick up but thats the same on all Fender Strats, Us and mexican.

AMAZING, cant get much better than this, its the strongest guitar out of the 4 guitars ive had (Ibanez, some old kind, Yamaha and a Squier)

This is a great guitar to buy, for beginers or experts, it is sold for an awesome price that is affordable and is strong and durable. Good Quality 10 out of 10!!!

FenderGuy rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-28.

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