Fender Mexican Stratocaster Met Green Reviews 3

I bought this guitar from sounds great in manchester U.K for 299 what a bargain.

To be honest i like most things about this guitar im gonna list them since im to tired to write in sentances. -the light body -punchy sound from bridge pick up -the finish which is soooo tough and hmmm the name lol its a fender youve gotta love it.

i dont like the sound really i know i said i like the punch of the bridge pick up but its to metallic (hasnt got any warmth to it) so doing slash solos are hard, another thing i dont like which doesnt probebly matter to you but it doesnt look cool really its kinda a common electric guitar format the whole white stratch plate thing but i love it so i dont know what im saying the lack of sleeps getting to me.

the paint job is reely tough ive wacked it again doors and stuff and no dents have appeared and i think i struck lucky with mine becuase other mex. strats ive played on have had rough edges to the fret wire but mine doesnt if your not so lucky just file it down then it will be reet.

I love this guitar but i need one that has a warmer tone thats why im saving up 550 for a Gibson SG but it is a great intermediate guitar so its alright but im warning you u can get bored easily ive only had mine since christmas and its not the begining of june of the same year so do whatever feels right u should go with what guitar feels right for you not for me ok bye bye.

Darren will soon have a gibson SG rated this unit 3 on 2004-06-13.

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