Fender Satin Finish Stratocaster-Gun Metal Blue-MIM Reviews 5

I've been playing arond 15 years, used to be in bands and just jam with friend now. Prefer Metal, Classic Rock, and bluesy tones. Previously preferred L.P. double humbucker sound.

This guitar was purchased for my girlfriend's daughter Anna at Buzzo's music in Geneseo NY last x-mas to replace a Squire Strat she already had. I believe we paid $329.00 and it was the only Satin Strat in the store. The color is called Gun Metal Blue by Fender, but looks Purple to me, with a Rosewood fingerboard and black pickguard and 3 single coil pickups.

Everything! This guitar turned me into a Strat guy, and I've missed it everyday since it was given to the owner, Anna. I easily played around 40 different Strats, American and Mexican made prior to selecting this one. The middle and neck pickups sound like normal Strat pickups to me, but the bridge pickup was God like. I played it next to a $1,000 Amer. Strat and it sounded better.Another customer thought it was a Tex Mex installed at the factory by a prankster, and it did have a different serial number than the others. Who knows right.

Nothing except that it's no longer in my livingroom for me to play. I really miss it! I believe the only possible complaint anyone could have would be that the bridge pickup is a little noisey when the strings are not grounded. This is an opportunity cost, and is far over shadowed by the guitars brilliant sound. I also believe the owner, Anna, had some concerns about being taken seriously as a girl with a purple guitar, but nothing sounds cooler to an 80's metal head like myself.

The contruction of this fine instrument is excellent, with a well balanced feel and a wonderfully playable neck. It stays perfectly in tune, the electronics sound awesome, and when played through my Fender Ultra Chorus amp many sounds were attainable. I also found it a delight to play with a Strap as my L.P. is much heavier. The finish is also very easy to clean, and does not get the usual finger prints, and scuffs of glossy guitars. The neck is a very light rosewood, and the frets are well made. The action was a little high when purchased, but after polishing the frets,conditioning the fretboard, and making minor adjustments to the string saddles, I was struck by the Gods of Fender and another Strat guy was created. Everything is well made on this instrument.

Bottom line is I absolutely loved wailing on this guitar played through my clean channel, and I can still hear the sound of it in my head. Bending notes has never given me as much pleasure, and I played it every chance I had until it went away. My goal was to get my girlfriends daughter a guitar which would get her excited about playing, and found out for myself why good Strats are so sought after. In fact, I'm looking for another one for myself this weekend as I've read they are producing limited numbers of the Satins. Rock on Anna and thank you to Buzzo !

R. Brian Van Steen rated this unit 5 on 2006-02-02.

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