Fender Squier Deluxe Fat Telecaster Reviews 5

My Atlantic Blue Metallic Tele caught me like a bug in web at a Michigan guitar store called Motor City Guitar. Price was $320.00, although I traded in some gear to get the charmer. Looks were the first lure; this deeply dished Tele has a great shape and all black hardware that says NON-VINTAGE in a big way.

A solid (but light-weight!) mahogany body contributes hugely to the deep, strong tone of this guitar. Two humbuckers provide a Les Paul vibe, but, and here is the killer feature, the push-pull tone knob lets you split the coils for an instant single coil (Tel and Strat) sound. Flexibility of tone is incredible for a guitar in this price range. The neck is through the body construction (talk about non-Fender) and its 9.5 profile suits my big hands to a tee. The keys are rock solid and hold tuning for hours, thank god. The bridge and saddles seem beefy and tone and volume knobs are nice knurled metal type.

I love the familiar 25-inch scale and non-traditional Tele humbucker combination, however, the Squire name would seem to place the axe in a "beginner guitar" mode. This bothers me a bit as a 25-year player in my late forties, and yet after folks hear the tone this Tele is capable of the name on the headstock is merely a pleasant surprise.

Everything about the Squire Deluxe is designed for maximum sustain; set-neck, solid carved mahogany, flat metal bridge. It can't weigh over 6.5 pounds, which is a great advantage over a night's playing. Paint is lovely. Quality could not be better.

Price and performance are astounding in this guitar. It looks, feels, plays and sounds like a custom guitar costing thousands of dollars. Check this out before someone gets wise and doubles the price on these killer modern Teles.

Bill Nastali rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-09.

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