Fender Squier II Stratocaster Reviews 4

I made a trade for this guitar thinking I'd overhaul it to make it just the way I wanted it.

Rear routed (No Pickguard), relatave low action, Pearl white paint.

Former owner drilled a hole (YES, Drilled a hole!) to move the volume pot to a lower position. Made in Korea =P.

Pretty solid and light. Maple neck and fretboard with medium frets. The only flaw is the afforementioned hole (which I have repaired) and a small crack below the strap peg screw.

I didn't need to do much with this guitar, although I figured I'd make it unique. After playing it for a while, I found that the pickups that were in it (obviously replaced, and later found out replaced with Seymour Duncans) worked out to the tone I was looking for in the first place. When Kicked down to the humbucker alone, she growls and moans beautifully, kick it up to position 2 and sweet rythym tone takes over. The range of the sound is remarkable for something I traded for. This guitar turned out to be the one I play the most!

Will Percival rated this unit 4 on 2001-10-30.

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