Fender Squier P/J (Indonesia) Bass Reviews 5

Bought it from a retail shop for $190.00

Whoa! Way to go Fender! Where else can you get a precision bass for under 200 bucks. This bass is a steal for the money. I bought the Indonesian-made Squiers because, at least at the time I bought it, they were building them there with Alder bodies. For me the quality all-around is top notch. The sound quality is very good for this unit, as well

When I was playing the many different Squier basses, I was sorely disappointed with some of them. I think it was the Mexican models that didn't even have the fret edges sanded down, and I tore up my hands just trying it out. Anyway, I played the many models and settled on the Indonesian-made one, which seemed to me to have the best quality.

See above. Try them all and then decide for yourself. I think the construction quality of my unit is amazing considering the price I paid for it.

A great starter bass for the musician. I bought this for studio work, as my main instrument is the guitar, but I needed a cheap bass to lay down some tracks with. It has done admirably for that purpose.

Mikey "Slow Ribbon" Hancock rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-18.

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