Fender Squier Standard Fat Strat Reviews 5

I bought this guitar on-line from guitartrader.com for $189.00. It is made in China.

I love this guitar because it sounds just as good as the mexican strat and looks just as good as well. A lot of experienced players will try to tell you that the squiers are cheaply made and don't hold up but I can tell very little difference between mine and a $800 strat, pro's have to realize that a family man like me doesn't have $350-$800 bones to throw down on a guitar and this one has provided me many hours of enjoyment and I am not going on tour so this one suits me fine.

The only thing I can think of is they left some unpainted place where the neck meets the body but you have to look hard to notice because it is small.

Mine is that off-white almost yellow color w/ a white pickguard and it is just beautiful, no flaws that I have found except for the one mentioned above.

I feel like I have already done this in the previous comments but i will just say if you want a half way decent guitar for a reasonable price you cannot go wrong.

Dave B. rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-20.

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