Fender Squier Standard Series Fat Stratocaster Reviews 5

I aquired these guitars (I have two) by using my Musician's Friend Platinum credit card from Musician's Friend of course. I believe I paid $229.99 for the first one and $149.99 for the second one. I bought these guitars because I could not find a better playing guitar for the price that sounds as good as this.

Everything about the Squier Standard Series Fat Stratocaster is appealing. The action is good. They sound great. Especially with the humbucker. You can flip that switch all the way down to the fifth position and get a screaming, sustaining Gibson sound or flip it back up to the second position incorporating the first and second pickups and get that cool Eric Clapton strat sound. They stay in tune. The neck feels good. They look good and you can have two or three of these for the price of almost any other manufacturer's comparable guitar. Did I mention price? Price is an issue for me for several reasons. If I bang it up or it gets stolen by some misguided individual, I can replace it easily. Secondly, I can easily afford a second backup guitar in case I break a string, which has never happened on one of these. Thirdly, I can afford different body colors to go with different stage outfits!

There is nothing I don't like about this guitar. Okay well maybe the fact that they're not available in all the Fender colors.

Although the Squier Standard Series guitars are very inexpensive, they are not at all "cheap".

I've played electric guitar for thirty-five years. I've owned several Gibson Les Paul's and SG's, Fender Strats, Jazzmasters, a Lead II. All of which are very fine guitars. In fact I wish I still had them so I could sell them now and make a fortune. Then I'd still buy a Squier Standard Series Fat Strat.

Jeff Wisbey rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-19.

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