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I m a beginner and had spent 3 months searching, finding & comparing each brand. Want to buy a Mexican Fender Fat Stratocaster, but old talks.....no money. haha. Finally find this squier double fat stratocaster. It is a standard series, not affinity. Crafted in China for SGD$370. I bought in All Music,Singapore. Go there if have time, they offer good services.

I love the colour! Candy apple red finish with black pickguard. Just personally like the combination of black and red. The sound is warm, 3 way pick-up offer a good variety of sound for 1st and 3rd. The 2nd one is not much different from 1st one though. It's size is slim, and the weigh just nice for me. I love carrying it like a baby, and now i play it until 2am each day.

The strings...... maybe it is not rust yet so they dun giv me a new set. It made my finger hurt. But maybe it is a good way to train it? Not too sure. Nothing else beside this.

The pick-up is a normal pick-up. Definitely need to change when go into advance player. The finish is awesome, i can feel the smoothness. The neck is rosewood, which offer warm sound sompatible to my double fat pick-up. 22 frets, big headstock, and gold printed brand "Squier".

Because i m a beginner, so not much good comments. But according to my fren in band, he said Squier Standard Series is good guitar, just need to change the pick-up and some electronic parts inside, then it will be as nice as US Fender!

Little squier rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-28.

I bought this guitar from Long and McQuade here in Winnipeg for $330 CDN because I wanted a good sounding, well made guitar, for under $400.

It's a stratocaster! Look who has used strats, Clapton, Beck, Hendrix, Gilmour. I expected an, okay guitar from what I read on the web, but I got a great piece. I can make it sound almost as good as a real Strat with EMG's. It has a beautiful clean tone, and has a fast, 22 fret, rosewood neck. I actually wanted the maple, but the rosewood has a warmer tone then the maple one. I can also make this into a hard rock monster, and there really is no background hum.

Unfortunetly, the tuning machines do lack. I have to retune the guitar everyday, but I guess it's only a small thing, cause it's still a great guitar.

This is a really solid piece. So, it says built in Indonesia, that doesn't make it that bad. Unlike maple necks I've tried before, this one feels alot more solid, and the guitar is shaped perfect. There is not a defect or warp in the body. I did notice there are a few spots on the top of the headstock that didn't get varnished, but it's no big deal to me.

This is a great guitar for a beginner, like me, or anyone on a tight budget, again, like me. People should get over their fears of the "Squier" name, and Asian guitars. No, this will probably never sound like an American Strat, but it's still a great instrument. Bottom line, great tone, great power, great quality, great guitar.

IBSmiester rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-02.

I Received the guitar as a gift because people knew that I wanted one but i didnt have the money to buy one. They paid $199.99

I think it sounds great. Stays in tune. Adding any effects to the sytem is great. It has a great tone for such a low end guitar. People say that they have mistaken my sound from a mexican guitar. I SUGGEST YOU LOOK INTO IT! It could save big money!

My only complant with the guitar is the pickups the sound of the picking is very noticeable on recordings.

THE THING IS UNBREAKABLE. It has dropped a few times(opps!)NO SCRATCHES. It stays like new for a long time.

I think this is a great guitar for anyone. It handles traveling well and sounds good. And most of all it SAVES money.

----------------------------------------> rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-17.

I bought this guitar from musicians freind magazine for $229. I wanted to start out on guitar and also I wanted to get a good guitar for a good price. And in my opinion I made a great choice.

The Squier Standard Stratocaster is a very great deal for the small price. You get the calssic, vibrant tone of the sixties, which the strat is famous for. The Body is the same classic strat standby with a large headstock. Fearturing one stagared and two straight pickups. its one of the most versitile and best sounding guitars you can buy for under $500.

The only thing about this product that I dont like is the lack of a humbuckler. I think a humbuckler at the bridge instead of a staggered pickup would make it perfect.

Made in Indonesia, the Squier Standard strat is a very fine peice of crafmanship indeed. Featuring a hardwood body, your choice of maplewood or rosewood fingerboard and colors, andany true songwriter or stage performer should be pleased.

The bottom line? Go out and buy one today! You'll be very pelased with your purchase. Nothing beats the feeling of performing with a guitar. And nothing beats a Fender -OR- a Squier.

Nicholas J. Marzuola rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-02.

I purchased this guitar new from a local music store for $150.

It has a really nice "strat" sound, comparable to my friends American Strat with Texas Specials. The neck size and shape fits my hands perfectly.

The finish on the ends of the frets were substandard. I have to be careful where I bend, or the high E string will get caught under the edge of the 12th fret. I have also replaced the volume pot, but that goes without saying for any guitar that receives much use.

The Galactic Purple finish is outstanding. No cracks, blemishes, or buffer marks. The neck to body pocket is very tight and the neck is rock solid. The sealed tuners work very well, and the guitar stays in tune quite well.

This guitar is well worth the price I paid for it. It has given me much enjoyment in the last year. If you have to have a strat but don't have a lot of cash, this is the one to get. It plays and sounds better than any of the Mexican Strats I've owned, and is quite a bit cheaper!

Jim rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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