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I got this guitar at Music Land for around $200. You just need to remember 1 thing when buying guitars- each guitar has it's own personality and it's own sound. Also, each neck feels different. It's best to buy a guitar with a neck made from China. I took my uncle's best friend (and guitar teacher who's famous in France) to try out the guitars and see which one has the best feeling.

I like my neck (maple), it's easy to move around on. I also like the sound of the pickups and the way you can switch which pickups you want to use. The amp is ok, it's good for all types of playing. The colors that you can get this guitar in are nice looking. Each comes with a white pickguard and you can get it in Red, White, Blue, and Black. Mine's Blue. I like the way you can plug the cable into the tuner so it doesn't pick up other sounds. The guitar is kind of lightweight, but you cant jump that well with it (it smashes into you).

Ok. When I first put my wammie bar in, it wouldnt go in. I had to bring it back to the store and get another whammie bar (there was something in the threading of my old one which wouldnt allow it to go in). Also, the wammie bar doesn't work well. another thing is that when I changed my pickguard (to blue) it was very hard to do, and the pickups weren't setup very well under the pickguard. Nothing was built very stable under there, and it was a pain to put it back the way it was. Also, after 2 months, my cable got a short in it and I had to buy a new one (a blue Live Wire instrument cable). The amp doesn't have great distortion, not good for heavy metal. Also, my tuner is a little haunted, and it doesn't work that great. The strap holder that comes with it isn't the best, it's standard. I got pro strap holders that are actully connected to my strap (American Flags). I was planning on getting a Red guitar, but all of them had Indoneisian Necks, which didn't play well.

Like I said, under the pickguard, nothing is really stable. It's lightweight, and the neckboard is really good (but remember, no guitar is the same, China makes the best headboards.)

I just wanna say that you shouldn't buy your guitar online, because you can't try it out, and you could get a horrible one. Also, get a China neck, and try it out before you buy it, because each guitar has it's own sound (or personality). Every pro knows that. Overall, this is a great guitar.

punXter Kristen rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-28.

I got this guitar for my birthday from Media Play. It was like 300 bucks. I decided that i wanted to start playing so I got this because it had everything.

Perfect for starting. I'm about to upgrade to a sweet Ibanez. This guitar has it all. It has the classic strat look, accessories, and feel. Frets are a good size, and everything is totally upgradeable. I have gone through 6 knobs, a handful of pickguards and some other stuff that I felt like changing. It gets great sound and even has a tremelo. The black body and chrome hardware just look awesome! Not to mention the amp, it can cook out sweet melodies or rockin rifts.

Although the frets are a good size, you need to work up some major callouses on your fingers before you get used to the feel of the strings and how hard you push. It goes out of tune pretty easily, but I guess that goes without saying.

It is very durable. Mine has soooo many bumps and dings on it, yet it still holds up like new. The amp that comes with it is sweet, nice soound and crunching distortion. I had the amp for 8 months before i was a moron and blew it out by trying to hook it up with another amp. Whoops. It rocks!

I love it, and can't part with it. It is beautiful and plays very well. I suggest that you remove the strings and spray the fretboard with pledge. It makes sliding, pulling, etc so much easier and faster!

Jeff rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-26.

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