Fender Squier Strat Pack with Affinity Strat Reviews 4

I bought this guitar in may or june of 2003. I played acoustic before this and i wanted a electric. I needed amps and all that crap so i bought this pack for about 280$

This comes with a fender frontman which is a good amp... The guitar...is decent. It is a good beginners guitar. If you change the pick ups to this guitar it would sound much better. It is easy to play and is not expensive.

the output jack gets loose. The pick ups that come with it sucks...so get new pick ups. Gets out of tune. and creates the loudest buzzz ever!. thats it...

it is well built. I dropped it a couble of times and still is alright. It just gets some scratches. They should have made the jacks better and the tunners better.

This is a alright pack to get....It is not the best though...if you get it, it is good to get new pick ups.. The worst part is people wont have respect for you if you have a squier.

Joo K rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-25.

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