Fender Squier Stratocaster Reviews 4

i bought a les paul jr at guitar centers the first time i used it the jack fell out i put it back in and it fell out again i looked over the guitar and noticed it was put together very cheaply check out the bridge its not even a real gibson style i was very diappointed in the quality thank god i was able to exchange the gibson for a fender ive owned about 3 fenders and never been dis appointed in the quality for the price

i like the quality of the build,the sound,the price(yes im a cheapskate)im very happy overall

it doesent have a tremolo

exellent,i cat say enough

guitars centers rock!

mike rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-21.

I got my fender from a store down in Knoxville, Tennessee, for about $110, at a very good price, and a GREAT deal on my amp. the sounds come out great, I've only had a few minor problems with it the few years I've owned it, which is really great for a used guitar. This would be a great guitar for the average beginner. In the band, we all prefer Fender and Johnsons for lead in electric and electric bass.

I like the price I got it for, how great the sounds are, and hor crisp and clear they are, and how easy it is for tuning and pickups.

Not accusing Fender of anything, really, but it had a slight edge in the bridge on the first string, but I easily took care of that by taking a steel file to it, and filed it down, and that saved me a lot of money in strings, and havent seemed to have any other problems with this beauty yet.

The construction is great, and lives up to the Fender reputation.

If you are looking for advice on Fender Guitars, here it is.

Wit\'s End rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-04.

I bought this in a package including the guitar, a 15 watt squier amp, a case, some pics, and an instructional video in the "Strat Pack" for something to the tune of $250...it was a Christmas present.

Good starting guitar, and it is very standard. The sound is not bad with distortion. It is a fairly versatile and useful guitar with the right player.

Over time, this guitar begins to fall apart and needs upgrading. The sound is not very clean and crisp. The parts are poorly crafted.

The guitar is not very quality and will last a beginning musician for a few years. After that, however, it is definitely time to upgrade because the guitar will fall apart.

Buy this guitar if you're just beginning, but plan to upgrade within the next few years.

Robert R rated this unit 2 on 2003-11-16.

This is the first electric guitar I bought. I paid around $250.00 CA for it new at John Bellone's store in London, Ontario.

It's a very easy guitar to play and learn on, which is great for beginners or anyone who isn't too concerned about perfect tone and tuning. The three single-coil pickups give it a good range of sound, although it can sound too tinny when played clean.

The guitar goes out of tune all too easily. Using the tremolo or strumming hard is usually enough to kill the tuning on a couple of the strings. Even after adjusting the neck, bridge, and nut for better intonation, the thing still goes out of whack after a little bit of playing. This pretty much renders the guitar useless.

Not the most carefully made guitar. The frets jut out the sides of the neck a little bit, which occasionally causes the high E string to get caught on them. The machine heads are a little bit loose for some reason,and the tremolo bar never did fit properly in its screw-in slot.

This may be a decent guitar for someone just learning the instrument, and who is also strapped for cash. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you can afford to pay a couple of extra hundred for something built a little better, do so. It'll work out for the best in the long run.

Franbeard rated this unit 2 on 2003-08-13.

When I started learning guitar, I needed a beginner's electric, so I went over to Matt Umanov (on Bleecker Street) and bought the Squier Strat Pak for $250, slightly under the list price.

The sound on this thing is great. Unless you're a purist or a stereophile, this is a Fender Stratocaster with "Squier" written on it. The thing sounds almost exactly the same as its big brother, is very tough (I dropped it once when the included strap broke, and it's just fine), and the standard pickups provide a great range of sound.

The wood made to build this is slightly different from the Fender Stratocaster's materials, so it feels and looks a bit cheap. The thing I mostly don't like is the Squier logo; if only it said Fender, I would sound and look like I had an old-school Strat.

Really good construction and quality here; the wood is a bit cheap, but that's a negligible difference. The sound quality and toughness of the unit are all that I'd ask for (until I get a Les Paul, that is).

This is a great guitar, and if not for the Squier logo, it's a good Fender Strat.

Lucas Rainey rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-20.

i bought this guitar for about $370 (Canadian), and i bought it in the electric pack (with squier amp, cord, picks, instructional book, gig bag), about 4 weeks ago. i got it at a long and mcquade shop down the street.

i love the whole unit. its my baby. there are a few things that i kind of have problems with...

... which are, the action is a bit high for my taste, but that can be fixed by a trip to the music shop. also, on mine, the A string tuning peg is a little loose, but fixable with a screwdriver. finally (for the gee-tar), when i first got it, the high E and B strings went outta tune easily, but after about 3 hours of messing around with 'em, they stuck beautifully. the amp that came with it is dinky, but perfect for the beginner.you cant blow the house down with it (undoubtably a good thing), but can still cause ear damage in a small room! great!

the neck is beautiful, so smooth to the palm. it frets easily. the guitar is well-balanced, and the body is pretty tough (ive banged it around a bit, and its still as good as new-almost-coupla scratches).

the guitar is marvellous. i love it. again, it comes with a few faults, but all easily mendable with little to no cost. great for its cost, and even has the contour body design of its big brother, the strat. 4 outta 5 (cause nothin's THAT great!;)A friend of mine has several guitars, and still loves his squier(if that says anything; he plays a mean guitar).

Johnathan Sean rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-03.

I bought this guitar a music store in the early 1980s because I wanted the single coil sound, biting glassy overtones you just can't get with my Gibson Les Paul Standard (w/Dimarzio Super Humbuckers). I paid about $300 for this guitar around 20 years ago.

What I like about this guitar isn't much except that it has reasonably good wood for the neck and body.

Here's the real story: I still wish I had my old Telecaster from the 1960s, it was built FAR better. This Squier Stratocaster has a crackly sounding switch that cuts out and needs to be replaced. The pickups sound cheap and distortion on my Peavey Amp is not clean at all, even with new strings, perfect tuning, etc. The tremolo bar on Stratocasters is a poor design overall as the string go out of tune if you use it. Hence, the more modern designs of other brands that lock down the strings on the nut (i.e. Ibanez models for example) keep the strings in tune. The pick guard is warped and was from day one. The four screw on the neck do NOT keep the neck rigidly aligned and then again this is a problem on many Fender guitars. Overall, this guitar is a piece of garbage I would n't wish on anyone and is pretty lame compared to my Les Paul which I love. I intend to build a custom Tele one of these days and trash this guitar.

Pretty bad construction, weak neck screws, terrible controls knobs and 5 way switch, warped pick guard, the fret are thin (not the fat frets I liked on my old Tele thin neck) and the frets are not smooth on the end and you feel the jagged edges against your fingers. The construction is far worse than anything that should be allowed on past quality control.

I honestly don't know if the Fender Squier line is any better now as this review is for a 1980s model, but I personally would only buy an American Series if I had to do it over again. As it is, I still don't like the stock pickups anyway, and I can build a better Fender Replica for around $300 than I can buy for $900, especially the pickups controls and switches. I am going to rate this guitar a one because I don't think it can get any worse than this.

Steven Reiser rated this unit 1 on 2003-05-17.

I aquired my Fender guitar from a Media Play. I paid 200 dollars for a package deal with an amp and tuner with acessories.

I like the acoustic feature along with other play choices that lets the sound rule!

I dont like that my guitar came with strings that were very thin and cheaply made....(they broke and they werent very good....i dont know the brand)

The guitar is very well made with high quality parts and incredible sound attributes.

I love my guitar...Fenders are very well put together and my whole family has been using fender guitars wether it be electric or acoustic or even amps.

Chris Velarde rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-19.

i got it for my birthday 3 yrs ago my dad paid 150 i think

its a great learning guitar

it made me want to play bass instead of guitar

its nicly built but the paint is very chipable

i found it very interesting the paint is decently done the sound is ok but thats the thing that i intend when i buy a fender the only problem i foud is when i replaced the pickups something didnt go right now im entering contest to try to win a new bass because there so damn expencive

julian a zarchin rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-28.

I was looking for a cheaper-priced strat and came to this. Bought it on sale for $150 at a Sam Ash. I bargained and the salesman gave it to me for $140.

I love this guitar! Very smooth and clean, has all the same components as the American Strat, silk-like action, its very good for a beginner. Wide-range pickups offer different sounds. Get the galactic purple one, this baby rocks!

I don't know about other Squier Strat owners, but the tuning machines on mine kinda suck. Besides that, nothing is wrong with it.

Very smooth construction for one made in Indonesia; tone controls respond nicely and the 3-ply pickguard is very nice. Solid body and excellent paint job. (Make sure to keep it shiney!)

If you are a beginner or intermediate, this is an excellent guitar. Responds nicely, well constructed, but make sure to check them out, (body, sound, quality) before you by it. Some lower end guitars are made better than others. Overall, the Squier Strat is very good for a very good price!

Joe rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-06.

I've been playing guitar for about 25 years. Playing several of them upside down. Just thought it was time to get a lefty. I got it at a local music store, here in Marysville, CA. I paid around 300.00 $

It plays like a dream. I know.... it's a Squier, but this guitar rips it up!!!. Yes it's stock. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!



I have several guitars, name brands and generic. This name brand & so called generic Fender is really, I mean REALLY UNDERRATED!!

Dave Edwards rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-27.

I acquired this product at a local music store for $200 (it was a package deal with an amp, strings, picks, and some computer software) I bought this because of the low cost and it was just something to get started on.

I like its affordability and the fact that it has everything you need to start playing. Also it is easy to play. It doesn't have as good tone quality as other guitars i have played.

It is constructed fairly well although some very small cracks are forming on the back.

I'd say I have gotten more than my money's worth out of it.

I believe this is a great guitar to start on but inevitably you will have to buy a new guitar down the line so if you have the money buy a better guitar.

Mark Ludens rated this unit 3 on 2001-06-27.

I always wanted to play a guitar and at the age of 53 I figured if I didn't do it now I never would. My son told me about a deal that the Guitar Factory was having and I went over and picked up a Squire-strat. I was really pleased at the price they were selling it for that day..$80. That was for a new one (that's not a misprint)

What I like about this guitar is the feel. I picked up a few other models and my left hand just didn't feel right trying to make the chords. It's a great guitar to learn on.

I haven't found one thing I dislike about it.

For a low end guitar the construction and quality is very good.

Anyone just starting out this is the guitar for you (I love it).

Georry rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-27.

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