Fender Squier Stratocaster Affinity Series Reviews 4

I bought this guitar from a guitar shop in Canada for $200. It came in a pack with a amp.

I love the tone and pick-ups on this guitar. Even though it's a Squier that was made in Japan it still produced the exact same sound as a Fender Strat. It looks great and is very durable. I've dropped it more than once and no dents or scratches.

I don't like how it gets out of tune very faster. That's really about it.

It's very well made. It has a fat headstock which looks like it's from the 70's. Also the paint never chips or dulls. For a Japanese built guitar it's very well made.

Buy this guitar if your a player looking for a cheaper guitar then a Fender Stratocaster this is your guitar. It has the exact same quality as a Fender Strat.

Kenny rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-09.

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