Fender Squier Super Sonic Reviews 5

The guitar of my dreams....hmmm. I found this gem at Backbeat music in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It instantly caught my eye, I said to my self "I must have this guitar, It will be mine!". With my wife by myside nagging me to buy this beautiful blue sparkle super sonic, I put it in layaway. I paid $180 bucks down on it. Lost my job about 2 mo's later and had to beg for dad to pay the rest for me! lol It was a three month layaway deal. I finally got the guitar the day before I wouldve lost my investment, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny! The total guitar cost was $318.00!!!

This guitar is a dream. It has a nice hard finish, blue sparkle (metalflake) and has only one chip on it. The guitar's action was set low, just to my liking. I picked it because It caught my eye, its like a reverse jaguar type deal. Two humbuckers with mad output power. Really LOUD!!! It has the vintage style tuners and tremelo (which i dont care for, but it is still stock today) The neck is real slim and the body seems a little smaller than normal. It also has a reverse headstock. This guitar has been drug around the yard and beaten against a tree by my wife (thats a long story) and It still stays in tune! Awesome guitar.

I really dont like the tuners and the tremelo. Thats about it, but they are still there so I dont dislike them that much.

Built like a rock, has taking numerous beatings and still is alive and well. Ive NEVER played a guitar this tough. I thought it would be crappy because of the Squier logo, not the case at all.

Just buy it, really, I cant think of any reason not too. I love it and I would physically kill any person who attempted to steal it. It is the guitar of my dreams. Ive played tons of guitars and none have compared to this. Unfortunately they are not made anymore, but there still is ebay!!!

Ron Harris rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-27.

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