Fender Squier Tom DeLonge Siganture Strat Reviews 5

I saw the guitar at my local musicshop. I'm a fan of Tom and so I tried it out. I didn't really want to buy it but the sound blew me away! I played a few chords and I knew I had to get the fuckin' guitar...

I love kinda everything about it. It looks great and it even sounds twice as good as it looks. It's easy to play and it's incredible that it's so fuckin' cheap! Nevermind if you are a beginner or a pro. This guitar is freakin' awesome. You really got to try it out!

It's a real punk guitar. So if you need a guitar to be played clean this maybe not the best deal. But I think you should try it our yourself! I love it anyway because I always searched for a guitar like this.

I bought it just a few weeks ago and I'm still testing it. But so far there is nothing I dislike.

It's a fuckin rad guitar for an awesome price. If you're lookin for a punk guitar this is the best deal!

Tom_DickLong rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-10.

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