Fender Squire Affinity Strat Reviews 3

This was a rental and came with a Squire practice amp for $30 a month.. even that was more that this POS is worth...

Not much. The way it looks, I guess... nice finish, smooth neck.

Just about everything. Anybody who says this guitar is decent is on crack. It's a pice of sh*t. The sound is absolutely brutal, w/ distortion twice as bad no matter how clean you play anything. Comes out of tune frequently, the strings aren't very good quality.

Not too bad. It's a sturdy guitar. Strings are cheapo's. I liked the feel of it.

WARNING DO NOT BUY!!! Not even as a first guitar. Do not even rent. Hell, I'd be wary of trying out this POS in the store!

squire sucks rated this unit 1 on 2002-11-25.

I got the squire strat pack. Which contained the guitar, amp, cable, strap, and a cool video. I believe it cost me around $300. I wanted to get an affordible starting electric guitar and this "pack" caught my eye.

Its affordible, which right off the bat says a lot about this guitar. Mine has a rosewood fret board which i like the color/fell of.

Its affordible, the neck feels like a cheap guitar (no offense, its just a lower end guitar). Tuners lose a tuning fairly quickly. Pickups are not so great but sound fine. Some times the volume/tone knobes get in the way when I play (easy fix, I just took them off). The fender bridges I don't like so I am putting this down, I like more of a stop bar but some people like them.

The construction is OK. its made in Indonesia, the frets are not put in as well as a standard mexican strat, but other than the the construction is fine.

This is a beginer guitar, no doubt about it. It is way better than a lot of other begginer guitars, and comes in a cool little pack. If you are starting this is a good guitar, but if you have at least a years worth of experiance then go with a standard Fender strat for only about 400, those guitars willl grow with you these won't.

Kevin Kelly rated this unit 3 on 2002-07-07.

I got my strat at Guitar Center for about $130. If you talk with the guys they'll probably give you a deal.

Great guitar for the money. Basically a normal Strat but the pickups are a little different. Great finnish, mine's blue. Great neck, love the rosewood. Very playable. I can get alot of different sounds out of it. Good on the weight side of things as well. Great beginner guitar.

Strings fall out of tune kinda easy. Get Fender Bullits, they help.

Construction is great. I have put quite a few dings in my guitar and it still plays awesome!

Over all a great guitar. Though if you plan to buy one make sure to try out all of them. Not all squires play as well as mine. I gave it a four on the review. Though for beginners it's probably a five. For a first guitar get this one!

NRGuitar rated this unit 4 on 2002-04-02.

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