Fender Squire Bullet Reviews 4

I bought the squire from a secondhand shop in a small part of brisbane australia purely because i had never heard of this guitar b4. I was not unhappy with the result at all. Though i got it for $250 aussie dollars i am still happy with what i got.

This guitar is light man!!!!! no pressure on the shoulders at all I found. Apart from this it has a great action. Easy for playing great solos.

It doesnt have the greatest sound in world but there are alot worse. Different pickups I found inproved it for me.

it is a solid unit that has dented scratched or broken after some thorough treatment. It doesnt say where it was built. Id say asia.

This is a perfect guitar for beginners to intermediate and those who enjoy a good bash at home. I like it alot and would recommend to those who see it give a try i think you will like.`

GbaxIII rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-29.

I was after an electric guitar as I was getting bored of playing great rock tunes on my boring acoustic guitar. I was recommended this guitar as I was told it was very light and versitile and a great guitar for beginners. I bought it second hand for 45 and boy was it worth it.

I love the weight of the guitar, it is so light and doesnt hurt your shoulder after two hours of practice. The tone is nice to (after I replaced the old, pitted strings with brand new fender strings).

The only thing wrong with this guitar is that it doesnt have a tremelo arm. Also it tends to go out of tune if left for a while.

As this was my first guitar, it held up very well. I had had about 2 years and nothing had to be replaced apart from strings. Considering the bus journey back and forth from school woth the guitar, there is hardly a scratch on it. This is a really well made guitar.

This guitar is an ideal first guitar. Although the tone doesnt quite match that of a '62 Strat, it does play very well.

Randy Yates rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-05.

My Dad brought it for me when i was 13 I think.That was like three years ago.It cost him like 150 dollars at Guitar Center.

It was my first guitar it was easy to play/ the tones are nice you get two to chose from/and one volume.The guitar can really hold up to bashing cause I actually used it for gigs how Sad I was only 14 I didn't know any better

It bites if your using it to play gigs cause you don't get the best sound from it.Alot of feedback which causes for noise that hurts your ears when you turn it up loud

Construction was good when i got it.The Quality was good this guitar is recommended for beginnners.

Its a good beginner guitar well actually thats all its good for. Woundn't recommend it for gigs unless you wanna used it for the last song and then be a rock star and break it.

Alex (From Make It Last) rated this unit 3 on 2003-07-29.

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