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First one (Squire II) cost me 189.00 USD. New from local music store. I wanted a second guitar.

Price VS tone. I have been playing guitar professionally for 43 years. I've owned many Fender models over the years and still possess some. I agree that when "test driving" the lower end priced models one must be very selective with special attention to the quality and craftsmanship of each guitar tried. I currently own 4 Squire series models, 2 Strats, a P Bass and a ltd. edition Tele thin-line. I rate these guitars as good, playable and with exceptional tones as any American made model I have owned. Each guitar should be adjusted (set up) to standard spec.'s relative to the gauge string to be used. I fully beleive if one does their research and carefully selects a Squire series guitar, they can be proud of thier choice. Anyone person who smashes any guitar doesn't have a real appraection fro musical instruments, in my opinion. There is a lot of crap that gets inot the market bu I believe Fender would not want to tarnish their long standing reputation as building quality instruments at any price level. I say play the damn thing and if it feesl good and sounds good to you buy it.

Only minus I could find is the tremolo system. It can be too stiff, But I don't use the termolo bar much anyway.

Careful with the fret job! Some electornics can be cheap. Some are done well, however and can compete with my American made Fenders.

Please read above.

\"Jukebox \" Robert rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-11.

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