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This is a 98 model. Black and white dual humbuckers 3.way switch.floyd rose chrome finish rosewood board 22fret.modified pick ups seymour duncans neck58super bridge/black trembucker semi/retired tucson.az based Metalist. Aquired at quick pawn tucson.az note/very good selections/prices.price paid...139.00...:-O:-)

even playability.excellent neck.nickel silver frets for long life,very.very important if you play hard or long.retains signature tight and bright Strat tone.no matter if you try to drown her in distortion.responsive,feel. I used to play an Ibanez rg750 but this to me is a real,real pleasant surprise.

Really cant complain about it. All i can say for sure is that well be very happy together...

If you're lucky enough to find one. Don't pass it up! You wont be disappointed. Note this series of guitars i don't think with type of quality/price will ever be seen again. Good luck and good playing.

Frank lugo.tucson.az rated this unit 4 on 2009-10-16.

I got an invite to participate in a musical group (a band) so I decided to purchase a new guitar. My old one had out-lived its welcome. I went to a local music store (DeLucas Music in Hatboro) after a trip to Sam Ash left me empty handed. It was an incredible deal which is why I jumped all over it. I admit that one of the things that drew me to this guitar were the aesthetics. For $259.99 I bought the best guitar I ever played on.

Everything. The pickups are slick, the fretboard is cozy, the strings (almost) play perfectly, and it just sounds incredible.

My low E string buzzes a little when I play higher octaves on it.

The quality is wonderous. It's fairly lightweight but is extremely durable. Even if I did put a tremendous beating on this guitar, I think it could take it.

I would rate this a 5 out of 5 were it not for the slightly buzzing string which is just annoying enough. Even with this minor defect, it is still the best guitar I've played. It fits perfectly for me and sounds incredible. If you see this guitar, I would certainly suggest purchasing it. Worth every penny.

Jon Wilson rated this unit 4 on 2003-08-11.

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