Fender Squire Standard Stratocaster Reviews 5

I bought this guitar at a local music shop in Cheltenham (England)called Roundabout sound(www.guitarsales.co.uk). It was a one off deal for 99.

I love this guitar. It looks fantastic, Plays fantastic, and most importantly, sounds amazing. No matter which colour it is in, it is beautiful, and the sounds could rival an actual Fnder Strat- You can get Ritchie Blackmoores, Jimi Hendrixs, Eric Clapton and Yngwie Malmsteens sounds without the help of six effects pedals!

The tuners are a bit loose, but thats about it.

This Guitar has been built to quite a high standard, and is very solid.

Even if you buy this guitar for the full price, this is great value. I woulld recommend this to anyone who had even thought about buying it. It's better than those encores some of my friends have, and guitars that cost 400!

HEAVY rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-13.

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