Fender Squire Statocaster Reviews 5

I was in general music class and we were learning about the sound of the sixties and rock 'n' roll. Anyways we learned adout the Fender guitars. After the school day was over I ran home after geting off the bus and told my parents that I wanted a Fender guitar for X-mas. 2 Months passed by and finally Christmas came and I opened the one gift I recieved, it was a Fender Squire Statocaster. It was a special it came with an amp and it had alot of acessories and stuff. My Mom Probably payed about $300 for it.

Iam a new player and have just gotten a new squire. I have played othe guitars but this one is one that I like is something i call "my baby", because it is juat such an amazng guitar, I mean after all it's twin the original Stratocaster and all players know that the original stat. is one of the world's greatest guitars ever made. Anyways these guiatars are a really good begginer guitar because it has a good feel and has a good sence of tune. One of the disadvantages about the Squire is that

There is only one thing I dont like about this guitar, it is that if you play too hard it will go out of tune with in 30 minutes of playing.

The quality is awsome and the guitar is awsome.

if you are looking for a new guitar and you have a limited amount of money than buy a fender squire.

Chris Pickett rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-14.

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