Fender Squire Strat Reviews 3

I got this guitar now from my local music shop peter writes music as a set. i have been playing for just under a year and am looking to buy a new guitar. i would deffinitley recomend this guitar to ant new player. Excellent guitar for the price

Good fret spaceing and pickup alignment. stays in tune well!

Destortion lever not very affective

well built solid wood body. truss rod easy to get to and bridge is easily changeable (i think thats how you spell it)!

Perfect for beginners

toby rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-24.

I bought a black and white squire strat at my local Musicans Pro Shop in the town i live in. I bought the Squire because i was told its a good beginners guitar. I payed around 170 for it.

The Squire i found was after all a great beginners guitar. The neck isn't to wide, and its not very hard at all to fret. The guitar itself is a great guitar if your looking for a starter. I wouldnt recommend a squire to someone who has been playing for over a year.

I really cant find something I dont like about it. Other than the price i payed for it.

The contruction is pretty simple. 3 pick up bridges 22 frets 6 string guitar.

Its a great guitar for a beginner

Noelle rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-27.

I bought this piece of S**T at guitar center because i needed a guitar for a good price. you would think coming from fender it would be a good guitar ummm no!!! Since i bought it i have had to put on a new neck new hardware and i have had two bummed switches...and i dont even play hard. im telling ALL of you even beginers DONT BUY IT. it has benn the worst investment i have ever had. i paied $135.00 for it and i regret it. Now im off to buy a fender american!!! Later and remember DONT BUY IT...PUNK ROCK

I like that it is cheap and has that fender appeal but thats all

I dont like anything about it IT sucks...the worst fender ever made not worth the money at all

The wood is chinese which sucks alot,and the quality is horrible

If you want to buy it dont its a horrible guitar

Tom Hester rated this unit 1 on 2001-12-12.

I bought this guitar 4 years ago in order to fulfil my desire to learn to play. The price was just over $300 for the guitar and a complete care package (soft case, book, small amp, and cable).

For its price, the Squire Strat is great for beginners. It plays allright. Its price is it's best quality. It can be banged around in a band, without worrying about how much it cost you.

The guitar doesn't stay in tune, and the string tends to buzz when strummed to hard. The nobs are a bit crackly.

The design is similar to the Fender Stratocaster. It looks like a "normal" guitar.

This guitar is great if you are just learning or need a cheap guitar for a band. It sounds good for its price and with care can be kept in great condition.

treboy01 rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-09.

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