Fender Squire Strat Affinity Series Reviews 3

I've been playing electric guitar for almost a year now. I have taught my self. I like classic rock like Led Zeppelin, ACDC, etc. I love Jimi Hendrix, I also like Janes Addiction, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers,etc.

I bought this guitar at Brook Mays for $279 (it came with an amp: the Fender 15G) This is my first guitar.

It is a great beginner guitar. The price is also very attractive as it comes with an amp, tuner, and other accessories.

It is a beginner guitar. Once you start improving your skills, you find this guitar not to be adequete for your needs. Also, the pickups are not of the best quality.

This guitar is pretty durable. It is not as well constructed as other, more expensive guitars but that is to be expected for the price paid. The output jack is of pretty poor quality as after a couple of months, the nut came loose and when the cable is jiggled and the amp is on, a horrible sound comes out of the amp.

Overall this is a very good guitar for a beginner as the price is attractive and it comes with many accesories. Just expect to be in want of a better guitar when your skills have improved.

Alex rated this unit 3 on 2006-10-02.

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