Fender Squire Strat guitar Reviews 5

I acquired this guitar on my birthday and have had it for 6 months and am impressed that it can do so much. My friend's guitars are all breaking down on them. I paid $250 for this guitar and it is a joy to play. I acquired this guitar because I've been wanting one ever since I got to play a friend's guitar.

Color is definitely a plus, it is a metalic blue and white. It tune wells and I haven't had any electrical problems.

Everything is, great how can I not like it?

The guitar has a maple wood fretboard and gold frets. Its been used but I'm not complaining...it's just what I wanted!

It's great, wonderful, a beauty for all to see...almost like the eighth wonder of the world to me.

Dooeydon rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-17.

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