Fender Standard Fat Strat (Mexican Made) Reviews 3

i got it from Haight-Ashbury Music Center in San Francisco, for about $300. pretty good deal considerin that they threw in a gig bag and cables, strap, picks etc. I got it in sunburst colorway, which is in my opinion the best colour that they have.

Well, i've been using this guitar for almost 4 years now and its still very much intact. for the price its at it gives a wide variety of sounds- which is what makes strats one of the most versatile guitars available. it has a humbucker-single-single configuration. they can produce a wide variety of clean and acoustic sounds.

in terms of sound, if you are a more advanced player who likes heavier music, then you may find that the pickups on the standard strat does not provide enough punch. if this is the case then maybe you should try the higher end american made strats which should provide a more powerful sound. Also, i havent really found any use of the middle pickup. another thing is that i would prefer if the bride was a little lower so that the strings were not so far off the fret board. If you are one of those who are lookin to tune your guitar very low (like bands such as Korn), the strat cant do that unless you have those tremolo locking systems available on some strats.

Overall, even the mexican made strats are of very good quality as the paint and the hardware are very well assembled. the only problem i've had is that the hardware rusts very easily- especially if you live in places where the air can get very humid. i constantly have to clean between the frets and the screws on the scratch plate to prevent excessive rusting. the pickups are also beggining to rust. it shouldnt be so bad if you maintain it well.

Overall, the mexican fatstrat was my first electric guitar and it really does serve its purpose for begginer to intermediate players. however, if you are a serious player looking for more then just the standard sound then you should consider the higher end american made strats.

Callum rated this unit 3 on 2003-06-08.

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