Fender Standard Mexican-Made Fat Strat Reviews 5

I got this instrument for Christmas, probably from Zone Music in Cotati, CA. I wanted a guitar more than anything, and I got one. Iím pretty sure it cost $400.

This is my first guitar and I love it. I was already an experienced musician when I started (I played sax, clarinet, piano), so I had a determined playing style. Believe it or not, I can use the humbucker for anything from rock to blues. The neck pickup provides the most amazing smooth tone I have heard on any strat. With Itís midnight wine finish and rosewood neck it looks great on the stage.

About the only things I donít like are when Iím playing rhythm by the bridge and I often bump the volume knob or five-way switch into a different position.

Nothing is disputable about the quality. This thing can stand up anything. My guitar teacher keeps a similar guitar in his pickup for hours in the hot sun and itís unaffected. I only have to tune it about once a week, although that seems to vary between guitars.

If you are looking for an instrument to start on and know you are going to stick with it, this is the guitar for you. It has a very distinct sound so I advise trying it out before buying. I was originally leaning towards a standard strat when I bought this guitar but once I had played it, I was in heaven.

Stratmaster rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-18.

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