Fender Standard Strat (mim) Reviews 5

i was getting tired of my squier so i went to guitar center and bought a real fender strat for a little over 300.

i like almost everything about thsi guitar. tuners never go out of tune, tremelo never knocks the guitar out of tune, pick ups are beyond amazing compared to the squier strat pick ups, hardware is completely fine. and most importantly, my strat is a little more unique than everybody else's that know of because of its maple neck and fretboard and sky blue-ish type color. the maple fretboard creates a different sound than any rosewood fretboard. and especially im a hendrix fan which the maple fretboard can only do me good when i play a song.

only thing i dislike about my strat is that its not one of american series. but oh well i saved a bunch of money and squier to fender is an upgrade already.

all i have to say is that its built in a top-of-the-line american facility, althouh in mexico. and anyone who has experiencd with a fender guitar they know fenders are indestructable.

basically, fender makes top of the line guitars that dont cost much.

anonymous rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-27.

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