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i got this one at guitar center for about 320 with a discount. its a wine red with maple neck and fretboard. ive always preferred the looks and fell of maple fretboard and the only color they had with maple fretboard was the wine red and some weird blue.

i used to own a squire strat and this strat, even if it isnt made in the USA,is beyond comparable when you play it next to a squire. and of coures i love the maple fretboard, the pick upsare like 10 times better then squire pick ups. i can finaly get the original strat sound in stead of a the annoying sound of a squire. hardware is much improved. i dont know what others feel about MIM strats but just because i owned a squire i love my new strat. and the tremelo doesnt really knock the guitar out of its tune. maybe like so little by little that you barely notice it till you pull on the whammy like 10000 times and who really deos that.

the only thing i disapprove is the color. i wanted somethign original although common, like black, but i had to get the wine red instead due the uncommon maple fretboard

it is built solid. it probably will last me for years to come. the neck is more than solidly bolted on i doubt itll never bend or warp.

usa made strats are the best i agree with that but still...MIM made strats are alot of times underrated. itsa fender man who the gives a damn where its made as long as it is a real fender not a squire knock off "crafted" in indonesia.

noodles rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-22.

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