Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM) Reviews 5

I purchased it brand new at Guitar Center for $385.00.... Worth twice as much! You want proof? I got a mid priced les paul copy for x-mas (Yes that was only a month ago) and almost gave up because I couldn't do anything with it, bought this one and everything sounds SOOOOOOO good, and feels even better.

everything from the fender name to the playability of the neck, good tuners that STAY IN TUNE. Craftsmanship is awesome and the finish is way better than any of the (Sunburst)others. It is definetely worth paying extra for the sunburst because you get "better" wood.

the only thing I don't like is the fact that now I'm looking for a guitar for my 8 year old son and it is making it very hard to buy a lesser quality copy.It seems that his first guitar will be a genuine Fender! Spoiled brat! I wish I was that lucky at 8!

WOW! I thought that fender meant overpriced when I started out. Little did I know that fender is just another name for quality. Everything has exceeded my expectations.

can someone loan me $400.00 so I can get my son one? NO?..... oh well you can't blame a guy for trying

Eric Lynes rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-23.

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