Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS LT Reviews 5

It's a 2003 model. I got it used at ***Hot Licks Guitars and Music Gear*** in Aiea, Hawaii (shameless plug. It's where I work). I paid $350 for it. I couldn't pass it up for that price here in Hawaii.

What's not to like. Genuine Fender. Good price. Good woods. Versatile tone, etc, etc...

Only two things I don't like. Number one is it's a Floyd II. I prefer the original Floyd where you can actually float it inside the body cavity. It's not a big deal though. Number two it's not an American. It's a MIM. Also not a big deal though my next purchase will be American. 1994 Roadhouse to be precise. I've got to finish paying off my 412 cab which should be about two weeks. It's as good as wrapped.

Standard Strat except for the Floyd. It's genuine Fender with very high quality woods. Modular construction as are all Strats. Easy to customize. It's like a Swiss watch on steroids. You can't destroy it. The locking trem is not for everybody, but then again nothing in the guitar world is. Personal preference for me says I couldn't have picked a better guitar for what I wanted out of it.

I'll be a Fender man to the grave. Haven't had one problem with it. I gigged with it. It's worthy of the honor. Now, you won't find me onstage with anything else. I sold the rest of my gear to get more like it. Need I say more? Didn't think so. I want to show off my originals with the best. IMHO this is it.

The Stirring Stick rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-17.

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