Fender Standard Stratocaster Left Handed Reviews 5

I got it at a local music store for $385.00. It was the only left-handed guitar in the whole store.

I didn't really love this thing untill I set it up to my liking. I play in a hardcore band and stock it didn't sound too great. I needed a heavy-as-hell tone, and single-coil pickups just didn't stack up. But I fixed that with 13-56 gauge GHS Boomers, playing with the pickup hieght and using both the bridge and middle pickups with the tone down. That with my Marshall AVT50-H creates a tone the can crush cars.

When I got it, the stock trem set-up was really bad. I couldn't stay in tune worth a fuck. Also, single-coil pickups aren't great for hard or heavy music, but that's just me. It's a bit heavy, but that translates well into my sound. Black is a hard color to keep clean, too.

The quality is great. There isn't a better-made guitar under $400. While not as well made as the American Strats, it beats the hell out of any Squier. I suggest you get the trem set so it's flush against the body, it stays in tune much better. Besides that, this a superbly-made guitar.

There is no better made guitar in this price range. With a little tweaking and a good amp, this guitar is awesome. I can't recommend a better $300-$400 guitar. It is also a great guitar because it's available for lefties, and not too many decent guitars at good prices are. Buy one right now.

Jim Litts rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-14.

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