Fender Stratocaster 60s Reissue Reviews 4

Purchased new for $380 in 1999.

I love the vintage look, the feel of the C shaped neck and the price was right. I found the 7.25" neck and the vintage frets to be a problem for playing the blues in the higher registers (strings would fret out). I ultimately had a compound radius done on the neck and jumbo frets installed. I also became tired of the nasally sound and noise of the stock pickups. I replaced them with Dimarzio Virtual Vintage pickups. This guitar is an incredible player now!


The guitar is built to last. The only construction issue I had was the saddles. They were flimsy and the screws stripped out. I replaced them with the American Vintage saddles. Now they are perfect.

The guitar without mods was a great value. With the mods it is a dream guitar. I bought the guitar for $380, I put a bunch of money into it, but now I have a guitar that sounds and plays better than just about any Stratocaster you can find.

LuckyNLife rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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