Fender Stratocaster Contemporary Model Reviews 5

I had beens earching for this guitar (a 1986 Japanese Contemporary Stratocaster) for a few years ago. I found it on e-Bay for just under $ 500.00 (just over with shipping) and would have considered it a bargain at twice that.

The overall quality is equal to or surpassing the USA Models. This guitar differs from the USA models primarily in the locking tremlo system. I think Fender called it a "System I", their version of a floys rose type locking floating tremlo with the micro tuners and all that. The bridge/tremlo assembly is considerably bulkier than the stamped bridge/tremlos on USA models, and the result is a little more sustain, and warmer tone. The one I have has a maple neck & fretboard. It play like a dream. Like I said, the quality is A++ across the board; workmanship, attention to detail, fit, finish, tone, overall sound. And it stays in tune, which in itself is a miracle for a floating tremlo system.

There is absolutely nothing not to like about this guitar. In fact, I suspect that the extremely high quality of this guitar is probably why Fender stopped selling the japanese models in the US; they're better than the US models, so would probably cut into sales.

As already said, A++ across the board. I just with the USA models were just as good, or thet they'd start importing the Japanese models again.

Final thoughts? I've owned several strats. This is the only one worth keeping.

E. Castle rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-14.

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