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I got this used from a guy off the Internet. He sent it through the mail in a case in a box, etc. I decided to get it because of the versatility and quality that I realized it had after doing research. I needed one signle guitar that I could play different types of music on. And it was a good deal at $180, including the case. I have seen them elsewhere for around $400.

This Talon has two humbuckers and a single coil, and all of these pickups work very well for what they are supposed to do. It can go from sounding like a bright strat to a warm Gibson, by selecting different pickup combos and tone settings. This makes it very useful in the studio. All around, as I expected and being the reason I got it, it is a very versatile and high quality instrument. Nothing about it seems cheap.

The Floyd Rose "original" bridge can be annoying because it is a pain to adjust and to replace strings. Also, only one tone knob limits the range of sounds. Both the tone knob and volume knob are also located too close to the picking/strumming area.

This is a pretty solid guitar. It is built and looks like it is built for heavy metal playing, kind of the Ibanez style with the Fender name on it. Strangely the finish on mine seems to chip/scratch somewhat easily. It is okay if you aren't rough with it. Neck and fretboard (rosewood) are also nice and playable. Volume/tone knobs are high quality clear and intersting. It is Japan-made and generally high quality all around.

Basically there is nothing low-quality about this guitar. Though it may look like a heavy metal guitar, I think it would suit most styles of rock-type music very well. That's how versatile it is. Since it is a disavowed Fender heavy metal model from the early nineties, no one seems to care that much for it. Occasionally they can be found for around $160-$180 used and that is a very good deal.

Steven Michaels rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-24.

I aquired this guitar from a friend who had the name Fender put on the the Talon. I don't delieve they make the Talon anymore.

This guitar is from the early 90s and I like it because it was one of the first models to have the rounded bottum of the neck - where it mounts with the body. It has great tone and a perfect free floating bridge. It plays fast like ealry Ibanez models but has a thicker neck that and better electronics. The all around look of the guitar is also inspiring for those momements when you feel like playing shred guitar.

The volume control is too close to the back of the bridge and pick guard. I always find that if I am playing for a while I will have turned my volume down by mistake. More than anything else the volume control is a problem for live performance, however, it is less important in the studio. I do not like the 1st position tension on the strings. This tension makes it hard to voice open chords and the makes it hard to play clean F of Bb chords in the 1st position.

This guitar is built quite well enough to withstand massive temp/moisture changes and frequent playing. On top of that it also looks great. Everything about this guitar is well done. Though it was made in Japan it still is one of the best guitars I own today.

Sounds good in the studio and plays like it must have retailed for $1,000. It is really a well built guitar with a great electronics package and isa guitar I hope to own forever.

Jesse rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-14.

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